1 November 2011

Kitt and Marco's Silhouette Wedding Cake - 18th June 2011

Kitt and Marco are a lovely couple. She is from Texas and he is from Wales. They were very clear from the outset about what they wanted their cake to be. They wanted it to be fun, frivolous and reflective of their different origins and importantly incorporating a graphic design element which was a strong theme of their wedding. They didn't want anything that looked like a traditional wedding cake, there needed to be a reference to birds as this was another theme running through the day and the colour green needed to be included too.

As always I sketched a few different designs and this is the one they chose!:

I kept the colours to black and white for a striking graphic feel. The top tier is a silhouette of Welsh landmarks and the bottom tier a silhouette of Texan landmarks using overlaid sugarpastes. The middle tier with the black birds on a wire reverses the layers of colour with the two birds in tandem flight (representing Kitt and Marco) in the lime green to give a pop of colour.

Kitt and Marco chose tiers of triple layered Strawberry Sundae cake (strawberry cake layered with vanilla buttercream) and of course Red Velvet with white chocolate cream cheese frosting for extra decadence!

The cake was placed at the centre of a dessert buffet which was comprised of cakes and sweet treats made by guests at the wedding. Lovely! Kitt and Marco have now embarked upon a new adventure living in Texas! Good luck and much happiness to you both!

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