3 March 2011

Your South Wales Wedding Panel

In this months Your South Wales Wedding magazine I was asked about wedding cakes on a budget. A lovely cake is a really central part of any wedding I think (but then I am biased!) the only problem is that they can be expensive particularly if they incorporate a lot of detailed decorative work or if they are structurally complex. If you are working to a budget don't despair, there are many ways to reduce the cost of your cake:
  • Serve your cake as a dessert if your wedding venue allows, ask your caterer to provide little jugs of coulis or cream to go with the cake.
  • Cupcakes are often a cheaper alternative to a stacked cake. They look beautiful and impressive when set up on a cake stand and each guest receives their own beautifully decorated cake.
  • Choose a beautiful diminutive two tier cake and then ask your cake maker to provide extra undecorated cutting cakes which will be kept behind the scenes and cut up for serving
  • And of course if you have an excellent baker in the family why not get them involved in helping to make your cake whether it would be making the whole thing start to finish or indeed simply baking the cakes which a professional cake maker could then decorate.

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