26 April 2010

Image theft

It has been recently brought to my attention that images have been stolen from this blog by a "cake maker" called Cake Temptation based in Kent who is passing my images off as his own. Action is currently being taken against this individual. I can't tell you how dissapointed I am that someone would do this, not just from my point of view and that of my clients, but also that people are being hoodwinked into ordering cakes from this man. The matter was brought to my attention by another cakemaker who discovered that this individual has stolen 15 of her images and to date has refused to remove them. Absolutely despicable.

UPDATE: I am pleased to say that Cake Temptation have now changed their website and removed my images from their website...


  1. This is a common problem especially if you are using blogger to run your blog. You really don't have any way other than watermarking the image before you upload it.

    I would recommend first to host this blog on your own domain (blogger allows that) and then use some type of software to protect it like ImageTrapper.com or something else.

    Good luck with everything

  2. I'm pleased to say the images have now been removed.