6 November 2009

Chibi Cookies

When one of my lovely clients asked me to make her some special gingerbread chibi cookies to take on an anniversary weekend away I have to admit I needed to consult google! Having established that 1. I am a little bit behind the times and 2. that chibi's are cute Japanese anime characters I was a feeling a bit more in the picture! Ruth's partner loves gingerbread men and they are both into chibi design so we decided to make double gingerbread men with hand piped characterised chibi versions of Ruth and her partner in royal icing.  Wishing them both a wonderful week away...


  1. Hi Hannah,
    Just to let you know the cookies went down a storm - Tom and I both absolutely loved them and they were so tasty! They looked amazing, so detailed and cute, and were the best gingerbread I've every tasted. Only one of the six made it back home and that's only so I could show it to everyone :) Thank you so much and I'm sure I'll be in touch again!

    Ruth xxx

  2. :o) Thank you so much Ruth! I'm so glad you enjoyed them! And thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my first chibi gingerbread men!!