3 June 2009

Tea Party - 1920's style

On the hottest weekend I can remember for a long time, 17 ladies made the trip from London to Wales to celebrate Rachel's forthcoming wedding. They hired a lodge in the Vale and had a weekend of festivities. On the Saturday they asked iced to organise a 1920's style tea party. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and so we set the tea up outside next to the swimming pool of the lodge. The ladies dressed up in 1920's fashions and learnt to charleston to the music we provided.

The tea included fresh finger sandwiches, fruit and plain scones, teisin lap, vanilla vanilla cupcakes decorated with blue flowers to match the bride-to-be's attire, pimms jellies, lemon tarts and fruit tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, mini frasier cakes piped in royal icing with 'R's' for Rachel, sandwiched mini meringues and ginger lime tarts. This was all served on vintage mismatched porcelain dating from the 1920's/30's!

Many thanks to Rachel for allowing me to use the second two images which belong to her personal collection.


  1. What a great theme idea. Did you provide a dance instructor, or did someone in the group already know how to do the charleston?

  2. This is a great idea.My best friend's sister is moving out of State ,so today we are having her a tea party with 30 beautiful women. I am so excited!